Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Re: "Say Something"

Dearest Mimi,

Mariah Daily now reports that the fifth single will be "Say Something."

Okay, so I like "Say Something" a bit more than "Fly Like A Bird." Not like there's anything wrong with "Fly Like A Bird," but I like "Say Something" better.

However, neither one of those songs is "So Lonely."

Mimi, you've got the power. How about getting your people together and finding out what your next single will be? Lord knows you can crush about half of them with your powerful biceps, but by the grace of your God, you wouldn't do it.

Call me if you don't listen to your God for once and you start crushing the people in your camp! I want to take pictures!

Forgive my bloodthirstiness, heroine of mine,

Penny Woods

(Pics: Mariah Daily, MS Special)

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