Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Re: Back then, they called you K-Fed, but I'll call you moron instead

Dear, er, um, K-Fed, et. al.

I'd rather see you actually look like freakin' Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel than rap.

"PopoZao" is, like, really bad. The title alone sounds like a reject U2 project than Portugese (Brazillian) ass.

Your lyrics suck (hell, you're not even rapping on 80% of this song), your production's cheap (sounding like Eddie Guerrero [R.I.P.] singing over some really bad electronica beats), and, well, as if everyone in America didn't already know, you can't rap.

I'd rather listen to that "Ya'll Ain't Ready" sample than this.

Here's hoping the album will bomb!

Oh, and Britney, DIVORCE KEVIN!

With love,

Penny Woods

P.S. (updated 1/12) I don't believe a damn thing I saw on your Access Hollywood interview (part 1). You know you don't give a shit about Sean Preston or Britney, you're a terrible father because you smoke pot and you still can't rap.

I'm hoping your album goes 10 times aluminum!

(Photo: World of Wonder via POPSUGAR)

(Originally posted January (10?) 2006 on the disabled butterfly rotations at Typepad. A Blogger link via butterfly rotations is here, though.)

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