Monday, February 12, 2007

Dear America,

I don't know how many people are still hoping I update this blog, but I feel I must for one important update.

YouTube has started cracking down on user accounts because Google is their bitch.

YouTube has yanked my account, the one that contained the video with Mariah Carey drunk and singing "Heartbreaker" (that was formerly seen in this post).

I have no plans of uploading the video on another site or through another YouTube account.

I apologize for this inconvience.

Penny Woods


Clemson Mike said...

You can't leave w/o writing a letter to Gerald Henderson.

Anonymous said...

lol that was a good video. dammit.

Wiwi Bloggs said...

Penny, I can't believe they made you take down a video of Mariah -- sacrilege! I've linked you to express my support.
The Emancipation of Wiwi

Anonymous said...

I can't cry anymore. Betty