Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Re: (Allegedly) The After-After Party (You're fierce, dahling!)

Dearest Mimi,

After reading this (if indeed, you read the tabloids, but you don't, because they're comedy to you at this point)--
...High in the hills at Soho House L.A., Mike DeLuca, Rick Yorn and Patrick Whitesell hosted their annual "after-after party" for VIPs looking to cut loose after Vanity Fair's tightly scripted to-do at Mortons...

"Everyone said I was fat, so I did something about it," slap-happy songbird Mariah Carey blurted to Page Six, seemingly out of nowhere.

"Here! Feel my thighs! Feel my butt!"

After several requests, Page Six agreed to fondle her newly firmed physique, and can confirm the absence of unsightly "jelly."

"See?" Carey said, proudly. "I'll never be a stick woman, but now I'm fierce!

--I'm concluding that you meant it, and for some strange reason, you were drunk.

I mean, I've seen what you do when you're drunk.

It's not that hard to imagine.

(Here was a glorious video showing a drunk Mariah Carey singing every part of the "Heartbreaker" remix in Europe after the European MTV VMAs. And when I mean every part, I mean her part and Da Brat's part and Missy's part. Leaning on the shoulders of some of her friends [Rachel, her choreographer] and showing off others [Jasmine Dotiwala], she botched up the song so much [this included letting the audience sing with her--a lot] that whichever MTV that showed the clip had to insert clips from the "Heartbreaker" remix video. I am not going to repost the video again, so please don't ask about the video being re-uploaded.)

video yanked by YouTube

This is the part where I get the cease-and-desist letter, but you know I still love ya,

Penny Woods

(Pics: Mariah Daily [also for the tip], my own screenshots of Mariah Carey: In Her Own Words [from The Emancipation of Mimi Ultra Platinum Edition], MS Special)


Anonymous said...

Penny, the video of Mariah is no longer up on youtube. is there any chance that u own a copy of the video or know whoever put it up? i really need to see it!

ps:- cant believe she cussed usher out, lol.

Penny Woods said...

Darn, I wish I knew and I wish I had a copy of her being drunk and singing "Heartbreaker" (remix). I liked it. :(

I have a feeling whoever had the clip removed it because possibly I didn't give them credit or that they thought I was making fun of Mariah. (It's obvious I like Mariah--I don't blindly worship her like some other fans. Mimi has her faults.) I just wanted to prove a point. I'm sorry if I had to be sardonic to prove it.

Oh, well, guess I can't troll around the Friends of Mariah Messageboard anymore!

Anonymous said...

it's very clear u love Mimi...u're constantly using Mariah-isms and you mention her name in every other post...i love her too...and yes, she does have her faults...we all do.
even though i appreciate the video of her singin while intoxicated, i thot the video was actually of her cussin at usher....dont mean to be demanding, but do u have that one??

Penny Woods said...

I can't put up the video of Mariah cursing out Usher because it's from Mariah Carey: In Her Own Words from the Ultra-Platinum edition of The Emancipation of Mimi. I don't know how to do a rip from a WMA file, and even if I did, I know Island/Def Jam will ask me to take it off of my site and/or YouTube anyway.

Anonymous said...

arrrgggh....alright, alright...i shoulda bought it anyways considering i'm a fan n all...btw, i think there night be a tad too much Mariah on r blog...we need some variety...and u need to have dem other blogs link u up...i see a bright future for this blog. jus keep on keepin on!

Penny Woods said...

Don't worry about me. They are linking.