Saturday, December 23, 2006

Re: Your twins

Dear Sean Combs,

I know most of the world has seen this video, but I've just seen it this morning. (My life in the past few days has been hectic. I've had no time to sit down and actually watch dumb YouTube/Myspace/whatever videos, let alone gossip.)

So one of your twins will end up jackin' classic '80s songs just like you while the other one will grow up to be an outlaw, or, even worse, a chopper maker. That's nice.

Penny Woods

P.S. Happy holidays to all my readers and happy new year!

Oh, and happy holidays to you, Mr. Combs. Don't get flattered, okay?

1 comment:

Jenny said...

i swear that mofo is smokin some crack. that poor baby jessie...poor girl! can't wait to see her in 14 years...geesh.