Saturday, August 12, 2006

Re: Somethin'

Dear, um, Eyez, and Flavor Flav!,

Yes, I know that you've already taped The Flavor of Love 2 and Flav is with his new girl as we speak.

I know y'all don't want any golddiggers or people that have appeared on Blind Date, Elimindate, NEXT, The Fifth Wheel and Cheaters trying to make it in Hollywood without acting lessons.

I was dismayed when I saw your precious Somethin' on Crunk and Disorderly posing for some big black women porn site. Eyez, you were supposed to dig this out from behind Somethin's leaky behind and tell Flav in the first episode (that is, unless you did find out that fact and you did tell Flav but it was edited out). I don't know if Flav's cool with a former porn star (apparently he's cool with someone that can't control their bodily functions [scroll until you get to Somethin's profile])

If anything, I hope you told her dumb ass that whatever she said about the 95% of men that want to have a threesome with another man was wrong. Hottie is not a reliable scientific source of information.

Penny Woods

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A-Train said...

you make me laugh to hard. But that was mad true and mad hilarious.