Saturday, July 22, 2006

Re: This petition

Dear Robert Thomas and the Undersigned for this petition (I'm amazed there's over 1000 of y'all!),

Yes, we know that the new "Deja Vu" video is bad. It's bad for me because whenever I think about that video, I think of
Jade's profile on MySpace--she used to use something like "deja vu" as a nickname. I've always dreamed of confusing a MySpace profile of a reality star with a terrible song and video by Beyonce.

Anyway, every day on shows like TRL and 106 and Trash, bad videos are shown and bad videos are added to their countdowns. (And, in the case of 106 and Trash, new-yet-awfully bad hosts and cumbersome graphics.) Why complain about Beyonce having seizures in a swamp that looks like the one shown on Treasure Hunters when you're not complaining about Ashlee ripping off Million Dollar Baby, Jessica's godawful "A Private Affair" video or that Aly and AJ video that should be playing during commerical breaks on the Disney Channel?

There's so many bad videos you can make a petition on if you're bored, Robert. If you ever make another stupid petition, please make one about how dark Ciara's new video for that mystical Step Up movie is too damn dark for my TV.

Penny Woods

Source: Crunk and Disorderly

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