Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Re: The Legends Ball Special--Now Less Than One Week Away!

Okay, Oprah.

I mean, really, you're going to send an e-mail out to your list serve that reads like this

Due to a nationwide address by President Bush Monday night, May 15--Oprah's Legends Ball Primetime Special has been moved to the following Monday, May 22 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

A Message from Oprah

Put your Legends Lemon Drop Martinis on ice for one more week, my friends!

We wanted to get the word out to you as soon as we heard that our Legends Primetime Special will air exactly one week later than originally scheduled. I'm so excited for you to see it--and that gives you seven more days to plan your own Legends parties with your friends. On Oprah.com--you can get my recipe for
Legends Lemon Drop Martinis and Rachael Ray's five-minute appetizers. Then tune in Monday, May 22 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC for my Legends Ball special.

I want to see this hot mess of a show too--if only to heckle you and every one that you claim inspired your life enough to create your ego-driven "divine vision."

Hey, at least Janet's having a happy birthday without having nightmares of your special airing before Grey's Anatomy!

Penny Woods


Anonymous said...

i dont know what to think of this special. may not watch it so i hope someone does a recap. of the women i've heard mentioned, i havent heard folks like dr. mae jemison or carol moseley-braun included. i think they deserve to be honored for their accomplishments. were they included? or was this just for legends in arts & entertainment?

Penny Woods said...

The way I see it, some of those women honored are legends in their own right, but Oprah invited a lot of people that have appeared on her show before such as Ashanti and Brandy, and I don't see them gettting legend status any time soon.

Anonymous said...

i would hope oprah never honors ashanti and brandy as a legend!!! or any entertainer under 30 for that matter. lol

Anonymous said...

so what did you think? i missed it (season finale of 24), but i heard good things about it.

erica p said...

Yall are buggin!This was a Much needed display of love and admiriation for women who were not rightfully honored for all the work they have done.. they are true solidersand this includes the singers, poets, and playwrites.

First off.. Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, and Katherine Dunham have all passed away and Ms. Dunham died the day before the showed aired (5/21/06)..God Bless the Dead. Thanks to George W, she probably didnt get to see it. Im sayin.. another batch of BullShyt out his mouth.. i defintiely could have done wit OUT!

anyways, i digress..

The actual legends have all endured something you nor I can bear witness to. Would you goto work everyday if your bigot honkie boss made you come thru the back door, told you that you arent allowed to eat in the breakroom, made you and everyoone who looked like you work in the nastiest of conditions, and CONSTANTLY, CONSTANTLY verbally and emotional abused you due to your never ending state of black-diseased-ness.. NOT to mention for our southern legends.. they had to deal with the daily, ever present threat of being beaten, raped, and/or lynched by an angry mob or white folks!

NOW would you have been able to push on to such a state of greatness.. with all that going on? Probably not.. i would have shot me a a few. Besides with all this "privellege" they sacrificed for, half us dont have the patience, tolerance, or endurance to deal with the ghetto ass chick at the McDonalds Drive thur.

thanks O for making our Queens feel like Royalty! It was defeintely over due!

O fo President!

Penny Woods said...

^^Me? I don't watch 24--I have friends that do, but I don't. I never saw the first episode, and I feel I'd get lost if I attempted to watch the show now. It's the same reason why I don't watch Lost. (On the other hand, I don't watch Desperate Housewives because I couldn't get into it.

^(holds breath at Erica P. comment)

Anonymous said...

actually i meant did you watch the legends ball? and if so, what did you think? i missed it b/c i was watching the season finale of 24. my bad for the confusion.

-same as Anon 4:40pm

Penny Woods said...

I saw the Legends Ball. I didn't find it inspiring at all--it was like watching The Evil Dead for me. In fact, I screamed when they had an extreme closeup of Oprah before she handed out those diamond earrings--IMO Oprah has not aged well. (However, I have seen worse--I screamed all the way through Oprah's Meet the Faith commerical on BET.) I liked the syndicated Elie Wiesel special (on Wednesday) better.