Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Re: Your mansion

Dear Carlos Boozer (that guy in the Utah jersey):

A lot of people hate you already for leaving the Cavaliers for the Jazz (and why a city in a the middle of a notoriously Mormon state deserved a team called the Jazz is beyond me).

And now you want to sue Prince for promoting this

in your house.

And you want people to feel bad for you?

Congrats, Carlos,
you're now today's laughingstock at Deadspin!

I mean, what's wrong with taking a house that doesn't exactly belong to you and pretending that you're Willy Wonka...

or Willy Wonka?

Absolutely nothing!

Seriously, how did you not hear about the purple ticket deal in copies of 3121 and iTunes downloads? If I were you, I would have put two and two together and let him do what he wanted with my mansion, since I would make him repaint my mansion after he painted it purple!

That is, unless the paintjob in the house was decent.

See, I'd keep that!

Penny Woods

N.B. Yes, I know he went to Duke. However, I wrote this letter because, well, Carlos suing Prince is ridiculous.

(Pics: Yahoo! Sports, The Smoking Gun, Amazon.com, MS Special)

(Added picture: People. Tip: DListed)

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