Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Re: Your dance studio

Dear Lisa Rinna,

You were in a dance competion that was intended to boost ABC's ratings, especially against better shows like (how is this show still on?) Survivor and (I'd wish this show would go away too) American Idol.

ABC achieved its goals of boosting its ratings while embarrassing Master P in the process.
Even a website was launched to make Master P look more of a buffoon than he already was when people stopped buying his sorry rap albums. For that you should be commended.

With that said, however,
what makes you think you can run a professional dance studio?

I wish you the best...until you have to pay back the loans in the bank you borrowed and your studio closes after three months. And maybe, just maybe, your Dancing with the Stars partner will sue you and you'll declare bankruptcy, whatever chapter that is, but that's honestly what I think is going to happen to you. Or something like that.

Penny Woods

(Pics: Yahoo! Movies, MS Special)

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