Saturday, March 11, 2006

Re: Your birthday

Dear future baby's daddy of mineTerrence Howard,



Happy birthday!

And if you ever come by UNC (which you won't), leave me a message somewhere on this blog and maybe we can fly to LA for a few days and hang out and maybe I can be the new Mrs. Terrence Howard!

(Okay, it will never happen. But there's hope. I really, really hope.)

Yours in the back of my mind

Penny Woods


Anonymous said...

You'll be waiting a looooooooong time for him to be your baby's daddy. He's gay!

Penny Woods said...

If you did not know, I have a reputation of chewing out posters that leave comments like this (and wuss out by not getting a Blogger account and posting under "Anonymous"). I know you're not going to actually read this, but other than Media Take-Out, where's your proof that he's gay?

Media Take-Out is not even a source,