Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Re: Why?

Dear Hollywood,

All these talented people out there, and you had to give these women a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

They've only been professionally recording since, what? Seven, eight, nine years? You couldn't find anyone more established for a star except these money-hungry hacks?

At this rate, you may as well give Aly and AJ their damn Hollywood star already. I'm sure Disney will pay for it.

Honestly, Michelle's voice is enough to make the other stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame get up and relocate to the San Fernando Valley.

What about those other 10,000 members they booted out of Destiny's Child? Do they get stars too?

And if they have broken up (which they have not, because they need Knowles money), why don't they stay broken up?

Oh, I give up.

Penny Woods

(Pics: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, DListed, MS Special)

1 comment:

Hot_Fly said...

i see comments on the rest of your sad letters but i dont see one here.

SAD ps Michelle has an old school sound that's gonna keep her in the game for ever!