Monday, March 20, 2006

Re: Tennessee (again)

Dear Aaron Woodley (on right),

I can't believe I completely missed this on Mariah Daily until the fine people at Oh No They Didn't (ONTD) jumped on this tidbit:

Along the way, they meet Mariah Carey's character, who's working in a diner and has dreams of being a country singer.

Aaron, I know you've heard the woman talk.

I mean, she's not exactly Southern, let alone from Tennessee.

You're going to need a prayer to make audiences believe a girl from
Long Island that speaks like she's still on Long Island (not to knock the accent, but, well, she's never dropped the accent--at least Mimi's not Madonna faking a British demeanor, damn it) wants to be a country singer.

And besides, I don't really react well to foreigners/Americans that live outside the South pretending to be Southerners anyway.


Penny Woods

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