Saturday, March 25, 2006

Re: Not again!

Dear Coolio,

Listen, I already got on Ja Rule for being on a cooking show.

Now I gotta get on you, too?

This won't be your average cooking show - it'll be Coolio with food. I'll be cooking, talking, rapping, dancing and singing. There will be a four-piece band, a DJ, and strippers - all in the kitchen. I'm going to change the way they do cooking shows....I love to cook, and I'm pretty damn good at it. My enchiladas cannot be beat, my fried chicken in on top, my spaghetti will kick your spaghetti's ass, and I can put every Chinese food restaurant out of business with my egg rolls.

Sounds like something The Man Show would have done in their prime. Except it won't be intentionally funny.

Good Bad luck,

Penny Woods

(Pics:, MS Special)

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