Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Re: "Fly Like A Bird." The video

Dear America,

I've come to warn you.

You see, I've known for a while, but "Say Something" isn't the last video Mariah is going to shoot for The Emancipation of Mimi (all possible versions that America owns in one format, even in "smashed with a bat" version).

She's going to do a video for "Fly Like A Bird" too later this month (no word on when). From MTV.com:

While "Say Somethin' " will be Carey's next single for top 40 radio, she's sending out "Fly Like a Bird" to urban radio at the same time, with both hitting the dial the first week of April. A video for the song will be shot in New York later this month.

So I don't want everybody going crazy when shots from the paparazzi with Mariah leak later this month (if they do) or when "Fly Like A Bird" appears on 106 and Trash Park. (Ironically, the plot of "Say Something" as directed by Paul Hunter involves the paparazzi. See MTV.com link.)

I know that what I post will go out one ear and out the other, especially when someone who doesn't read my blog on Oh No They Didn't posts pictures from "Fly Like A Bird."

For now, let us recover from what might be these final press shots for "Say Something" and take a deep breath before the majority of y'all still thinking Mariah is not a size four explode. I can't go to y'all's computers and clean up the mess, you know.

Penny Woods

(Pics: The Open Clip Art Gallery, MS Special)


Penny Woods said...

How I found out: The love of those people that run Mariah Carey's official site to copy and paste press releases and stuff to their news. (I can't forgive them for all that spam mail they gave me in my old Yahoo! mail account though. Had to move all my Flickr pics to a new account because of them.)

Note that additional reporting was done by Mariah's friend Jasmine Dotiwala--if you sense a bias, it's not MTV's fault.

Penny Woods said...

One more for the road...

Anonymous said...

u're late, penny...the FLAB video is old news...and so are the pics

Penny Woods said...

Re-read the first statements I made about the post, moron. And if you don't like my blog, go away.

barbie21 said...

Mimi's label is really juicin this emancipated album!!! 2 more songs from has to be torture from God....I wish this old hoe, cover up & sit down