Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Re: "Anonymous"

Dear America,

There is a moron (or morons) leaving pessimistic comments under "Anonymous" that apparently hates my blog. (And I don't mean the person that I talked with under the "You're fierce" post...this is an idiot [or idiots] that keep leaving stupid comments under different posts.)

If you had guts at least you would get a Blogger account (you don't even need to have a Blogger blog!) and leave comments instead of chickening out and critizing me. (And not even for my writing, for Chrissakes!) I tend to chew out people that leave stupid comments under any of my blogs, so if you had the guts to revisit the posts you have stupid comments in, you know I'm not scared to fight back (or delete stupid comments--keep in mind not all the comments I get and delete are stupid, though).

And if you hate my blog, there are other satrical sites you can visit. You don't have to come to mine because I have links at crunk and disorderly and Concrete Loop (if Concrete Loop gets back up again).

Yes, my blog does contain gossip...but it's not supposed to be an up-to-date gossip blog. It is a satricial blog. It is not always funny (IMO), but at least I strive to have a point when I write my letters. I use gossip and other sources to fuel my writing.

Any more stupid pessimistic comments will be deleted and I will only allow Blogger users to comment if this keeps up.

And hell will hath no fury if anyone tries to hack into my site either, so don't even try it.

Penny Woods

(Sorry I had to be mean in this post. I'll be nicer later.)

(Pics: The Open Clip Art Gallery, MS Special)

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