Friday, February 24, 2006

Re: TRL's First Lady

Dear Kelly Clarkson,

I thought you were TRL's darling.

Sure, "We Belong Together" spent God knows how many days at number one on TRL, but I always thought that your videos were more popular...and I never knew why. "Since U Been Gone" annoys me to no end, and if anybody else did "Behind These Hazel Eyes" and "Because Of You," they would be ripped apart, claiming that the source material was poor. You even won Moonmen and Grammys over Mariah Carey.

I was shocked when Mariah Carey's devoted fanbase that will vote for Mariah Carey in any poll for no good reason TRL viewers voted Mariah Carey as their First Lady.

Kelly, you were supposed to win and make me wonder why the viewers at TRL like you! Mariah was not supposed to win! And if you won, I was going to close this post with how much you ruined my high school prom with "A Moment Like This" playing over and over until I wondered if I had decended into the seventh rung of Hell! Mariah was supposed to lose so the regulars at the Friends of Mariah Messageboard could have a meltdown thread that would make the ones at any sports messageboard shudder in fear! Mariah was not supposed to be bragging about the TRL Awards in her voice message to the fans this week (2/21/06), and Mariah Daily and the gossip mags of the world weren't supposed to show Mariah with her First Lady Award!

You blew it, Kelly! What do you have to say for yourself, you had no hand in the voting?

Oh, wait. You didn't.

Go back to American Idol! You've disappointed me enough,

Penny Woods

(P.S. America, if you care, the TRL Awards first airs at 12 noon tomorrow. Not scheduled: the dream catfight between Mariah Carey and Madonna in a tub of Jello.)

(Pics:, Mariah Daily, MS Special)