Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Re: "Special 'Thank You' Message From Mariah To The Fans!"

(Originally posted December 12, 2005 in The House of La Rue. Modified from this post.)

Dear Mimi,

Have fun in Aspen, you lucky bitch.

Wishing you continued success and happy holidays,

Penny Woods

Quoting Mariah Carey <http://www.mariahcarey.com/mariahcarey/news/index.las?month=12&year=2005>

Yeah....I cant even know what to say!!!! The past few weeks have been so amazing for me and I just needed to reach out and let you all know how much I truly appreciate your love and support!

Thank you to all the nice folks that came out for the Platinum Edition LA & London in-stores. I hope everyone got the snacks I sent cause I know the long lines can get a lil' bleak but getting to spend some time and talk with you all is always something that makes me very happy!

Thank you for all the support you guys have been showing Don't Forget About Us, #1 on 106 & Park & # 2 on TRL last week, very PIP, very PIP!

For all the well wishes that have been coming in from you all for the Billboard Award wins and now for the 8 (no I still cant believe it's actually 8!) GRAMMY award nominations, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys have always been here for me and I know these awards & nominations would never had happened if it wasn't for you all being the greatest fans so thank ya much and I will be calling in to you all very soon...

P.S. It's 9 days and counting until my Holiday Vacation when I can finally get some time to read through all the FLANTASTIC fan books I have been getting and I'm looking forward to getting all the festive Xmas tree ornaments from the HBF folks too!

Love ya, appreciate & enjoy ya much!


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