Friday, February 17, 2006

Re: "Fly Like A Bird"

Dearest Mimi,

Mariah Daily has announced that "Fly Like A Bird" will be your latest single.

I'm hurt. I thought that you'd make "So Lonely (One And Only Part 2)" the fifth single. I had dreams of seeing "From Vandross to C-cups" in captioning, but I guess my dreams are shot to hell. Don't get me wrong; I like "Fly Like A Bird." It's just not "So Lonely."

I have qualms about "Fly Like A Bird." I know it's been somewhat of a dream of yours to be recognized as a gospel singer/songwriter, but I don't know how well this song will stack up to whatever singles are on the Billboard Charts as of now. You know, like that new Pussycat Dolls song that I hate that isn't "Stickwityou" and that new Black Eyed Peas song, the one where somehow Francis Lawrence directed that video a la Janet Jackson's "Son Of A Gun" et al and Madonna's "Sorry."

To paraphrase Rich,
not everybody's going to feel Jesus.

Good luck as always,

Penny Woods

(Photos: Mariah Daily, fourfour, MS Special)

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