Friday, January 12, 2007

Re: The uproar in Philly

Dear "Artie,"

I heard that you gave the majority of Philadelphia a heart attack when you said a seven year-old sexually enticed a 40 year-old crackhead into having sex with her instead of accepting the belief she was sexually assaulted.

I understand how you feel. It must've been hard growing up as a seven year-old gigolo enticing the ladies with your sexually suggestive Michael Jackson moves growing up. No wonder you worked with Wendy Williams!

Penny Woods

(Pic always from Ms. Special)


Shilita said...

i am so glad that u put him in his place. i think he honestly said that to get an uproar out of people, and i like the way u handled him

Peach said...

he's a fucking bastard. I cant believe the rape victim in the room didnt start throwing shit at him. I woulda BEEN tackled his ass. All the women in the room and they just let that ride???