Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Re: Read the sidebar, y'all!

Let me repeat something that I put on the sidebar recently: NO COMMENTS PROMOTING ANY WEBSITES.

And when I say ANY, I mean ANY.

Links to Blogger profiles are okay as well as linking a blog through Blogger's wonky commenting system. But promoting a website through the body of a comment is not cool with me.

And H. Lewis Smith, I didn't say "Bury that nigger," Michael Richards did. I was using his quote in relation to my post, and I hate that he said that. I would never use the "n-word" (or its variant found in rap songs) on a regular basis. Think about that the next time you try to promote your book on my site. If you want to apologize, I won't accept an apology in any form. Go promote your book on Amazon, dummy.

Penny Woods


Penny Woods said...

Sorry about the first post. I went with another font style that wrecked the first post and I had to retype the first post for this post.

nova said...

I got a simila comment. I handled it accordingly.