Friday, November 17, 2006

Re: A message for Jim Jones

To Jim Jones:

No one's going to take you seriously if you put out a diss track dissing Jay-Z on top of the original Jay-Z diss track, which was originally your song about whatever tired rap cliches you could cram into the the song and video for "We Fly High" and defend your Christmas album by claiming that "there's no soul" in Christmas. At least in New York, anyway.

Didn't you hear about how bad Christmas on Death Row was?

Oh, guess not.

Penny Woods

(Pics:, Ms. Special)


Anonymous said...

No one took Jim serious to begin with thats why Jay should have never did the diss (especially not on the ballin track). He should have just kept ignoring them corny dudes and their corny raps like he said he was but now Jim wins. I like jim and his album (more than kingdom come) BUT Jay is in a different league than Dipset and should have stayed away from the acknowleging Jim he gave him more credit than he ever deserved.

Shame on Jay.

But I like Jim and he does entertain me so shit is hilarious to me. "go old head, go old head" Its straight comedy. Funniest beef ever.

Sister Toldja said...

Um, I KNOW this isn't Jim Jones dirty looking ass getting a facial. 'Cause I know he doesn't bathe......

Penny Woods said...

It is him...but I never knew he didn't bathe!