Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Re: Chemically Imbalanced

Dear, er, um, Atlanta's First Embarrassing Rappers Ying Yang Twins,

I know this is for your new album and all...

but, you know, you and I live in America and we have this little thing called "political correctness." That means you can't technically attempt to look like an Asian and abuse a pagoda and the ying and yang sign for an album called Chemically Inbalanced or an Asian rights group will be up and down your dumb asses.

Yes, I know your name is the Ying Yang Twins, and I don't want to know how you came up with the name. I've seen enough of you after your MTV Cribs episode and when Monique was hosting the BET Awards and called you out for being...well, stupid.

Wait, why am I telling you about political correctness? You two probably can't even spell political correctness!


(Pics: Crunk and Disorderly, Ms. Special)


Thickcarmelcuti said...

I also wanted to point out that it's technically called Yin Yang. They obviously cant spell that, either ;)

Miami Greg said...

Let the church say AMEN!