Monday, August 21, 2006

Good evening, true believers!

I, Picture of Stan Lee, am proud to announce that Letters to Famous People is relaunching now!

You'll note that the site looks a lot like the Gawker Media family of sites. The site is wider now, and I don't know how it looks on a regular computer. (Penny has a widescreen laptop and she can see the whole screen with little problems.) There are also some small changes on the site. If you hate these new changes, please let the seemingly mysterous Penny Woods know ASAP, and she'll change whatever she can to this site, since the beta version of Blogger won't allow many physical changes to blogs just yet. But she'll do the best she can.

I must return to my superheroes to berate them for making mistakes in their pasts!


Stan Lee


Keisha said...

Not feelin the probs w/ everyone else.

Penny Woods said...

Yeah, it's supposed to be Courier, but it looks like a 1980s computer font. I'll change the font back to its orignal settings...I'll see what Georgia looks like first.