Saturday, July 01, 2006

Re: The View

Honoring a request by Thelma Evans, but I was just thinking about this myself.

Dear Star Jones,

You've decided to leave The View because you felt betrayed by Barbara WaWa.

You were so hurt about your dismissal you felt like you needed to go on Larry King Live.

Yet you knew you were going to be leaving before Rosie O'Donnell (of all people) was asked to join The View.

I mean, it's bad enough that I know you exist and I don't even watch The View regularly to hear women talk all over each other while interviewing celebrities and people that have no idea what they're talking about (like that woman that said that pink Wu-Wear shirts had gang affiliations).

I think you just need to shut up and disappear so I don't have to look at your nasty-ass body (let alone your face) ever again.

Penny Woods


Thelma Evans said...

Thank you, Penny.

Your Sister in Show,

Thelma Evans

The LoveHater said...

ROFL@ Barbara "Wawa" —didn't think you were old enough to remember that!

Lisa Lisa said...


Lisa Lisa said...

LOL!!!!!! so true. Star.. just go away and gain some weight...alien lookin creature.