Friday, March 24, 2006

Re: "Say Somethin'" (yet again)

Dear Mariah Daily,

Gossip has become so slow today that I've just given up today and decided to write to (in)famous websites.

Sometimes I go to
Absolute TRL and read what the (force fed on MTV) youth of America are voting for on TRL just so I can keep up with their videos...and make fun of how bad they are. It's a guilty pleasure.

So imagine my surprise when I saw that they had the scoop that Mariah was going to be premiering "Say Somethin'" on Tuesday (after her birthday anniversary) first...and
your latest update was about Paul Wall wanting to make Mariah a grill. (Eww.)

I don't want to say y'all are slackin' off a bit...I mean, y'all don't always keep in touch with everything Mariah does, and it's okay. I just thought y'all liked TRL more than I did, that's all.

And no, I don't want to send this to you because I feel you will not answer it (see submission rules on front page).


Penny Woods

(Pics: Mariah Daily, MS Special)


Penny Woods said...

Ooh, maybe I was wrong. I see no notice on MTV's page so far...except for Morningwood. I'll delete if I'm wrong.

Penny Woods said...

I take that back. Mariah Daily's reporting it...finally. I win (not to sound smart-alecky, but...)