Thursday, March 09, 2006

Re: Prison (Lil' Kim)

Dear Kimberly Jones,

What in the hell are Big Blows?


Penny Woods

Quoting Kimberly Jones <Crunk and Disorderly> via pop-up filled <Contact Music> (letter also seen at <>):

Dear Fans,

I thank you all for you heartfelt, overwhelming, tremendous Love and Support. It has been your wonderful letters that have helped my time pass. I am so blessed to have fans like you. Can you believe they gotcha girl on time out? Ha Ha. It's All Good though. I miss ya'll. I miss ya'll like I miss my mink coats and Big blows. Ha Ha for real. I love Big blows. Big blows are my favorite candy gum. What I wouldn't do for one Big blow. I'll even take that one Big blow that aint hardly got any gum in it. We can't even have gum in here so I am feigning.

In here some days the food is ok and other days the food is just plain bad. You eat three meals a day but for the most part we cook our own meals. Who said they don't feed you in jail? Shit, that's all we do is eat, at least in the FEDS. I better be careful though before I come home looking like Big Momma. Ha Ha nah I'm just joking.

I think I am going to take up knitting because there's this women named Tanya Sotiome who's about to teach us how to make slippers, outfits and other stuff like Martha Stewarts famous poncho. She said she's going to make me something special. I am learning a lot here. However no matter how good I am in here this is no place for women to be or anyone for that matter. It has its trying times and stressful moments. It's very unsanitary and can be very depressing especially around the holidays. You gotta know how to hold your own. Being away from your family and loved ones, is the worst part about being locked up.

Anyways, please know that I read every single piece of fan mail that comes thru. It's just that I get more mail than a post office so please bear with me and don't get discouraged. I will definitely respond. Your letters mean sooooo much to me.

Love Always,

Lil Kim Queen Bee

(The only thing edited in this letter: the shit. Photos: Shameless promotion from the Lil' Kim Zone, signature pic MS Special)

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