Thursday, March 23, 2006


Dear Tyra Banks (a.k.a. The Really Youthful Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe),

I know this is old.

I'm still wondering why you're keeping this girl on.

Sure, I can guess and understand why Kari was booted. (Her looks, the way she shoots photos, the way she can't walk in high heels, etc.) I'm not like the rest of the Internets. I don't know who Kari is and I don't care if she gets kicked off.

I have nothing against Koreans. In fact, my roommate is Korean.

But Gina is like the Asian version of Chuckie Finster from Rugrats.

Except she's even more annoying than Chuckie was.

And Chuckie knows the dangers of everything to boot.

Who are you trying to be, Tyra, Charles Finster?

Penny Woods

(Pics: Oh No They Didn't,, MS Special)


nOva said...

i'm more concerned with furonda's presence...

Penny Woods said...

Yeah. I prefer Furonda and Jade over Gina anyday.

And because of this I'm being attacked at ONTD. (sigh)