Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Re: claire's (Yet Another Open Letter to Mariah Carey)

Dearest Mimi,

It seems like to me you have finally, after years and years of self-maintained dignity, have sold out.

Thankfully you have not sold out and become a joke like fellow Long Islander
Ashanti, but you have still sold out.

Mariah Daily has just announced that you're selling accessories at claire's.

Yes, I've heard about the Automatic Princess line and the Kiss Kiss lingerie, but actually seeing you sell out...a piece of me just dies inside.

I've already told you about how I felt about the Intel thing. I don't want to state it any further. I'm just going to go to my dorm room and cry until my heart stops bleeding.

In other news, your album has possibly gone back into the top 10 this week...cross your fingers, girl!

Hoping you have the happiest of Valentine's Days while I break my diet with my mother's M&Ms until I get over the "Glamourized" collection,

Penny Woods

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Penny Woods said...

In the States. But amazingly enough, she sold out in Japan.